Workshops & Help

We are adding classes and workshops to help you create an amazing podcast and get the most from your expereince. If you need help and you do not see the workshop topic below than you can email us here so we can setup a time to help you out.

#1 Starting your podcast

Do you have a fear of starting a podcast and want some help with the mindset to get started? Sign up here and we can help get you started with tips that we have learned along the way.

What we will cover:
  1. Making a plan
  2. Topic, Name, Artwork
  3. Inviting guests
  4. Setting a date
#2 Recording

We will go over the different recording styles and the best way to handle your recordings. Different situations calls for different ways to capture your podcast recording. We will go over the best options for each setting. We will also cover the best ways for you and your guests to be prepared and setup to record.

What we will cover:
  1. Mic Recordings
  2. Phone Recordings
  3. In-App Recordings
  4. Video (coming soon)
#3 Podcast Artwork

We will go over how to create artwork for your podcast show cover and also the artwork that you can create for each episode that you record. We will look at the free tools online that you can use and also ways to find and hire a podcast artwork artist if you are not wanting to create the artwork yourself.

What we will cover:
  1. Tools & tips to design artwork yourself
  2. Podcast show artwork vs individual episode artwork
  3. How to find someone else to design your artwork
  4. Getting feedback from podcasting groups
#4 Lightweight Editing Tools

We will go over all the editing tools and help you get comfortable navigating the editing of your podcast. Editing can feel like the most daunting and confusing part of the podcasting process but if you dedicate just 30 minutes of time to review and understand the process than we will have you using the editing tools like a pro!

What we will cover:
  1. Slicing audio
  2. Deleting audio sections
  3. Adding tracks
  4. Navigating the timeline
#5 Intro's & Outro's

We will go over how to create Intro's & Outro's for your podcast. Intro’s & Outro’s are a great way to connect with your listeners and let them know what to expect when listening to your show. What is the ideal time length for Intro’s & Outro’s and how to streamline your process of adding them to your podcast.

What we will cover:
  1. Recording a track
  2. Adding background music
  3. Adjusting volume
  4. Flattening audio into 1 track
  5. Adding your intro/outro to episodes
#6 Publishing your podcast

We will go over how to publish your podcast on Apple podcasts and the other podcasting platforms. You will learn about RSS feeds and how to submit your show to the different podcasting directories.

What we will cover:
  1. Setting up your RSS Feed
  2. Podcast directories music
  3. How to submit your show
  4. Publishing episodes
#7 Landing page/Voice messages/Sharing

We will go over your landing page of published audio, how to use voice messages and share your audio to social media and embed your audio to other websites.

What we will cover:
  1. Landing page
  2. Voice messages
  3. Sharing to social media
  4. Embedding audio
#8 Finding & inviting guests

We will go over tips for how to find and connect with guests to be on your podcast show. We will cover the tools that you can use to make the scheduling process easier, what to ask for, how to prepare yourself and your guest and what to do after the interview is done to get the most of the podcast.

What we will cover:
  1. How to invite guests
  2. Tools like Calendly
  3. Confirming & thanking guests
  4. How to prep & what to ask for